More Greens, More Power


You eat your greens right? Or does that bag of spinach go bad before you had a chance to open it? Eating your greens shouldn’t be a chore. It should be apart of your dietary routine just like bathing is apart of your hygienic routine. It’s that serious.

So how does a woman with things to do and people to see get more greens into her diet? So glad you asked.

Eat a variety of greens. For example, make a salad with spinach and arugula or kale and butter lettuce. Each type of green brings there own set of vitamins and minerals. Think of it the way you switch up your footwear. As the outfit changes, so do the shoes you wear.  Make your salads stylish; an extension of your fresh. An assortment of greens, a few toppings, a tablespoon of dressing (maybe two) and you’re good to go. Don’t forget to switch up your salad dressings too!

Wraps are another way to get greens in (every leaf counts). If you usually eat meat, on occasion try eating a veggie wrap and pay the extra $1.50 for the avocado. They are a healthy fat and very filling.

When you’re eating out, order a house salad and eat that first. Depending on where you’re at, a house salad can be fairly small or a meal within itself. Whatever it is, make sure you eat a reasonable amount in proportion to your meal.

Instead of salad being seen as primarily a lunch meal, make it a dinner meal at least twice a week. I definitely suggest salad if you’re eating past 8:00pm. And again, liven it up but keep the toppings and salad dressing minimal. I find that having a salad for dinner, gives me incredible energy in the morning.

Commit to eating more greens. And make it fun and tasty which are important ingredients to repetition. That being said, you don’t want to do too much too fast. So if you’re eating greens once a week, eating them twice a week is an easy commitment to make and keep. It is a simple improvement to your current regimen. If you should fail to meet that goal, don’t beat yourself up about it. Take a breath and recommit yourself the following week.

Cheers to good health one day at a time!

Bon appetite.

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