The Low Down For Eating During the Holidays


Trying to stick to regimented food routine when the Holidays roll around is right next to impossible. But you don’t want to steer completely off course and have to start back at square one in the form of a New Year’s resolution.

Here are a few tips to help you maintain during the Holidays:

  1. Go in knowing what compromises you intend to make. My grandmother’s sweet potato pie during the Holidays will be consumed and I wish a mofo would give me the side eye about it. Then there is my cousin’s Banana Pudding. Both desserts are on the sugary side so I know that I’m not going in for thirds (since seconds are a given). I also make sure my portions are reasonable.
  2. The flip side to the above, is to know what boundaries you are unwilling to cross no matter what. My boundary is meat. No matter how good the ham or fried turkey smells and looks, I will not partake. At all.
  3. Don’t abandon your food journey just because of the Holidays. In the mist of calculated indulgences, don’t forget to reach for that green juice or fresh green salad. You want to keep those staples no matter what. Let’s keep it real. While Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s span over three months, they are only 3 days of the year.  And those Holiday parties don’t last all day. My point is, you have more then enough time to rebound in between Holidays and partaking in your favorite Holiday meals.
  4. So you ate a little more of your Mama’s mac and cheese than you planned. You’re sitting there thinking how much of an alchemist Moms is they way she blends those cheeses together. And that smoked cheddar…girl bye!  But now you’re thinking about all those damn calories in that joint. Don’t panic. If you are physically able, try to do a more intense workout. You want to burn those extra calories you’ve just consumed and remind your body you’re in it for the long haul. Sweat it out in the gym! And if you can’t get to a gym or workout facility, sweat it out at home.
  5. Enjoy yourself. Try not to feel guilty about steering off the path. Life is long! If you’re going to indulge, be joyous about it. Go into the Holiday season, or anything that isn’t apart of your everyday (like vacation) with enthusiasm. Guilty pleasures shouldn’t make you feel guilty. Now that isn’t permission to lose control. You don’t want to throw away all your hard work! Again, know what compromises you will make and go from there. Your friends and family are drinking whine wine so relax and enjoy their company and let them enjoy yours!!!

Cheers to food, fun and family! …And tell errybody, I said hey.





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