The Tea on Water


High heels make up about 70% of my closet. About 70% of my clothes are jeans. And exactly 70% of people on social media are frontin’. But I digress.

What I really want to get at is far more important than the aforementioned. We’re still talking about 70%. But we’re talking about you and how your body is made up of 70% water. The tea is you should be drinking half of your weight in ounces. So if you weigh 140 lbs, you should be drinking 70 oz of water per day. And the best time to get the majority of your intake, is when you first wake up because that’s when you are thirstiest (like a groupie at an the NBA All-Star game). I digress…again.

We all know the benefits of water. Like glowing skin, it’s a toxin remover, colonic, distributor of nutrients to vital organs, and on and on to the break of dawn.

I know, just like O.E. water makes you go pee but that’s the thing. You want to flush out all the undesirables in your system. What’s the point of looking good on the outside only to be putrid and dry on the inside. It’s kinda like wearing a new outfit with those noticeably not new pumps.

In keep up with our example, let’s say your goal is to drink 70 oz of water. The first step to visualize what that looks like. Typically, bottled water is 16 oz. So I know I have to drink around 4 and a half bottles to ensure proper hydration on an average day. If I were working out, I’d add in another bottle or so (depending on the level of activity).

The next thing you want to consider is the water/proximity to a restroom ratio. Which why getting off to an early start at home is best because within 15 to 30 minutes nature will call, and you can answer in the comfort of your home. If you are a teacher where your presence is demanded by your students, you have to be especially strategic on how frequent you can get to the bathroom during day. And Lord knows you don’t want to be coming home from a commute and get stuck in traffic whilst having to relieve yourself.

That being said, it is IMPORTANT that you are properly hydrated everyday! Whether you add lemons or a barrage of fruit to your water, do all you can to reach your daily goals. Ashy is one thing. But dryness is not good at all!!

And we know, the thirst is real out here!!!

Tea spilled…


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