About DFN

Deep Fried Nutrition was created to make healthy living a joy, not a chore. Every woman on this planet loves looking good. And most often when you look good, you feel good.

So, exactly how does one take pride in eating salads and drinking green juices? By taking it one step at a time. Often diets don’t work because eating habits are hard as hell to break! However, I find that by making subtle changes in our food choices helps to create new habits.

Not only that, healthy food doesn’t have to be bland or boring. Style your salads the way you style your clothes! You wouldn’t wear, the same shirt, with the same pants, with the same shoes. Nah. Not happening. So why eat the same lettuce, with the same onions, with the same tomatoes and the same salad dressing? Just like there is variety on a sales rack at Marshall’s, there is a variety of fruits and vegetables at your farmers markets and local grocery stores.

Yes mam. Shoes bring me joy.  And so does a good report from the doctor.

Welcome to Deep Fried Nutrition, where ‘Good Health is Made Fashionable’.


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