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The Tea on Water

High heels make up about 70% of my closet. About 70% of my clothes are jeans. And exactly 70% of people on social media are frontin’. But I digress. What I really want to get at is far more important than the aforementioned. We’re still talking about 70%. But we’re talking about you and how your body is made up of 70% water. The tea is you should be drinking half of your weight in ounces. So if you weigh 140 lbs, you should be […]

Confession of a Yoga Vixen 1.0

Like all insecure and inflexible yogi’s, I head toward the back of the class to roll out my mat. I feel safe there. And even though this particular class has mirrors everywhere, I still feel like no can see me. I also double as a Ninja. The yoga truth is, nobody cares if you move like a swan or if you look like you’re trying to get out of a straight jacket. Getting into those postures requires your full attention and the will to win. […]

The Least You Can Do

  We live in a world where people do THE MOST. Like that one co-worker who not only eats salads everyday for lunch, she also makes her own salad dressing.  Annnd, she teaches Zumba, does yoga in the morning and encourages you to have compassion on that mofo at work that gets on errrybody nerves. Like I said, THE MOST. On this occasion I’d like to cater to human nature. Let’s talk doing THE LEAST. You keep telling yourself you’re going to work out right? […]

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